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Mechanical services

rainham - london

Tuning & Remapping Services

Unlock your vehicles true potential

Unleash your vehicles hidden power!

  • increase power

  • enhance throttle response

  • remove speed limiters

  • improve fuel economy

  • fix unwelcome DPF problems

  • EGR delete

  • P-code Delete

Engine Rebuild Services

over 15 years experience in rebuilds

We recondition engines to the highest standards. We carry out several checks before diving into a rebuild to ensuring no tolerances have been exceeded which would deem the build unsuitable.
Your engine rebuild doesn't just depend on the parts used, but the workmanship that has gone into the build. You will be kept in the loop at all stages of the build and generally we have an open door policy whereby our clients are free to check in on the progress of a project.
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Senior Diagnostics Skills

Qualified engineers who dive deep

Diagnostics for many people is perceived as reading codes, however, nothing in life is that simple and at AlphaZero Autos, we dive deep to pinpoint the exact fault before throwing parts at any vehicle. Our staff are trained on senior techniques and always kept up to date with the latest technologies.
We guarantee our diagnostics every-time.
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